cleanser & masks

cleanser & mask

One product, two functions: Our two-in-one cleanser & masks can be used as both a daily cleanser and a weekly mask. These facial powders gently exfoliate, even skin tone, and balance pH, all while lifting away impurities and decongesting pores. And we love the simplicity of one less product on the shelf.

Powdered berries, herbs, vegetables, and clays are highly effective at restoring radiance naturally. Our 100% plant and clay-based skincare is packed with all the good stuff (nutrients, enzyms, vitamins, and minerals) and none of the bad stuff (petroleum, parabens, and sulfates). We believe in the power of nature.

power of clay

Many face washes use surfactants and emulsifiers to give you that 'squeeky' clean feeling while leaving your skin dry and irritated. Our cleanser & masks use healing clays that bind to toxins, draw out oil, and clarify congestion naturally, without leaving you high and dry.


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