Skincare with a Soul Purpose

Omcali is a line of freshly made whole-plant skincare formulated in small batches to awaken everyday mindfulness. Inspired by Ayurveda and handcrafted in Northern California, we make organic, ethically foraged, and non-toxic skincare free from additives. Our traditional process blends cold-pressed virgin oils, unrefined raw butters, wildflower infusions, sun-dried sea vegetables, pure aromatherapy, and certified organic herbs with intention and love.


We believe in a world where skincare is beyond natural, and every ingredient is edible, healing, and formulated for whole health. Every formulation we make is ‘active.’ Our products are made without the use of fillers, stabilizers, additives, or preservatives. Designed to arouse the well being of mind and body, every ingredient performs a vital function and every formula is a synergy of nature.





The more we do, the less time we have to be. Even when we remember to breathe, we often realize how chaotic life has become. Omcali was born to bring mindfulness into the everyday. For us, skincare is more than just a topical treatment or aromatic indulgence; it has the potential to uplift mood, arouse intention, inspire reflection, and encourage meditation daily. When we bathe, soak, or cleanse, we touch a quiet, solitary space within us. Why are practices like yoga and retreat so powerful? Because they bring clarity—the union of insight and awareness. If you bring more of those simple moments into your daily life, you will be more embodied, feel more joy, and return to your senses.

OUR FOUNDER Denmo Ibrahim, Botanical Alchemist
Sun-kissed infusions pressed through cotton, therapeutic plants immersed in oils, aromatic blossoms blended drop-by-drop—oils made fresh by hand one bottle at a time...
It began in 2005 when I opened Earthbody, a one-room massage therapy practice in San Francisco. I searched the market for clean products to use in treatment. I found that even the most ‘natural’ products were mass-produced, loaded with fillers, and designed without a mind-body philosophy. So I made my own. With my training in Ayurveda, I spent years making products in my own kitchen for myself and my clients.
Word spread and demand quickly grew. Since then, Earthbody has evolved into an award-winning day spa with a devoted following of over 13,000 clients and Sacred Skincare was officially born. We’re still making everything by hand with the best ingredients we can find. And my vision remains—to awaken the healer within.
We embody a slow, time-honored method of herbal tradition (by hand and without high heat) to maintain plant integrity, deliver fresh potency, and create nutrient-rich, whole plant skincare for the self and the soul.
We began making organic skincare in our kitchen back in 2005 for friends and family. Our mission was ultimately to create moments of insight through the daily ritual of skincare. Omcali (pronounced Ohm-Cali, like California) is a reminder to return to your senses and awaken the healer within. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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