Say NO to lotion!

Skin is not a surface to moisturize. It’s an organ to nourish. Nourishment comes from vitamins and minerals derived from real live ingredients, not from chemical equations formulated in a lab. Lotion may give us that familiar dose of moisture, but its often fleeting, leaving your skin more thirsty and irritated than before. Earthbody’s plant-derived body oils not only moisturize the skin, they deeply nourish and heal it, leaving you feeling more vibrant and healthy.

Natural ingredients natural product.

The base of any lotion (even the “natural” ones) is oil and water. But these two ingredients don’t mix. In order to achieve that creamy texture, lotion needs emulsifiers, waxes, and alcohol, plus preservatives to stabilize the concoction. These additives are devoid of healing properties and are often harmful and irritating to the body. Just because it has natural ingredients, doesn't make it a natural product.

Is my lotion toxic?

To find out if your lotion is toxic, turn it around and check out the ingredients. Does it have water in it? If so, then it also has fillers, which are necessary to stabilize the mixture and increase the shelf life. Most lotions also add petroleum based mineral oils and the ever vague “fragrance,” synthetic chemistry formulated in a lab to emulate natural scents—which exact chemicals they use are not required to be listed. EarthBody’s body oils are actually edible. Not only are they are completely non-toxic, your body can naturally break down and assimilate all of their nutrients, with no nasty left overs. Once opened, our products have a one year shelf life.

What goes on, goes in.

Recent studies suggest that more than 60% of what goes on the skin is also absorbed into the skin. Skin draws from the surface, absorbs through the pores and delivers to the bloodstream. This is why each and every ingredient we put on our skin on a regular basis should be considered with care. Our skincare is made in small batches with the highest quality food-based ingredients.

Will body oil leave me feeling greasy?

Not our body oils. We infuse a combination of plant oils in flowers and fruits to create a lightweight body oil that’s perfect for everyday use. Rich in vitamins, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids, our body oils absorb quickly. And the best part? A little goes a long way.

Feel the difference.

Each of our body oils are designed to aid your healing. Click on the products below to learn more:


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