meet denmo

My inspiration for Earthbody Sacred Skincare

"As a holistic therapist, I searched the market for clean products to use in treatment. I discovered that even the most natural lines were mass produced, loaded with fillers, and without mindbody philosophy. So I made my own. With my background in Ayurveda, I developed these formulas for my clients and myself. Demand quickly grew by word of mouth and sacred skincare was born. We’re still making everything by hand in small batches with the best ingredients we can find. May you return to your senses through the art of daily ritual and self-care."

What I learned about holistic healing

“Ayurveda is a profound system of holistic health. From a certain mindset, it is the art of happiness. One of the core principles of the Vedic texts, for example, is that we are part of the whole—a microcosm of the macrocosm. In other words, balance is a relationship. If we understand this view, then healing becomes a dialogue.”

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