• Understanding the Mind of Skincare

    Emotions, thoughts, impulses, behavior—what do these have in common? They’re energy. But far from fleeting, these energies can inform the kind of career we desire, the type of place we call home, our style, our cravings, and the company we keep. These energies can also directly impact the shape of our bodies and the quality of our skin. This is why holistic wellness—learning to work with the mind and body—can be a gateway to whole health. Organic facials, intelligent bodywork and even your daily skincare routine can be opportunity to bridge the body and mind, to be healthy, happy, and whole.

    What does your skin say about you? One way to begin to understand this is by returning to the principles of health. In Ayurveda, the ancient health system of India, the five elements—space, air, water, fire, and earth—make up of our most essential matter. Understood through the three doshas, Vata (air + space), Pitta (fire + water), and Kapha (water + earth), whole health is achieved through harmony of these five elements. 

    One way to begin finding balance is by tuning into where we’ve lost it. Our bodies always give us clues about what we need more or less of, or what needs to change. Erratic moods, unhealthy eating habits, constant exhaustion, sudden rashes, or chronic pain are indications that the mindbody system is calling for support. The quality of our skin is a blueprint to understanding overall health. With time, you can learn to ‘read’ the signs of skin beyond the level of the epidermis and teach your clients and yourself ? to reclaim their ability to heal the self. This is the key to true radiance.

    Here are just a few thoughts on what certain skin types are communicating. Notice how your skin changes due to shifts with hormones, seasons, age, climate, and lifestyle. Look at your skin daily with a fresh mind and look closely at what it’s telling you.

    Depleted & Premature Aging

    Skin that is dry, dehydrated, and flaky is depleted of essential moisture. This may be an excess of Vata energy (air + space) that manifests through the skin. Vata symbolizes movement, so routine becomes a powerful alley in regaining balance. If skin feels rough or tight, bring in practices that support flexibility, hydration, nourishment, and ease.

    For the mature and wise, we recommend:

    Cleanser/Mask: Brighten

    Toner: Balance (Rose)

    Moisturizer: Hydrate

    *In the evening, add Prepare as a pre-cleanse to hydrate and soften. Massage well into skin, then add Brighten to face for a gentle exfoliating wash. Rinse, pat dry, and moisturize.

    Inflamed & Irritated

    Redness, ashes, and acne-prone skin are indications of escalating irritation or sudden rejection. This skin type can be quick to react and often changes in extreme bursts. People with this skin type may have an excess of Pitta (fire + water) in their lives that manifests through the skin. Pitta governs digestion. Fire, when it is of benefit, must be contained; otherwise, it will spread and burn everything in sight. Finding regular ways to assimilate is key. The best practices for Pitta are aimless wandering, cooling foods, swimming, and kind words. Go slow.

    For the sensitive and gentle soul, we recommend:
    Cleanser/Mask: Replenish*

    Toner: Balance (Neroli)

    Moisturizer: Protect

    *In the evening, begin with Prepare as a make-up remover and pre-cleanse to soothe and calm. Massage well into skin, then add Replenish to face for a gentle exfoliating wash. Rinse, pat dry, and moisturize.

    Congested & Blocked

    Oil-rich skin that appears dull with clogged pores is a sign of a congested complexion. This skin type is thick and smooth but may lack luster. This may mean your client has an excess of Kapha (water + earth) in life that is manifesting through the skin. Kapha types tend to be stubborn and resistant to change. The most healing practices to restore balance for this type are taking opportunities to purge, flow, forgive, and let go. All kinds of simple cleanses, exfoliations, and exercise do wonders for Kapha.

    For the oily-prone, rich and full-bodied, we recommend:

    Cleanser/Mask: Purify

    Toner: Clear

    Moisturizer: Control

    *In the evening, begin with Prepare as a make-up remover and pre-cleanse to decongest pores and emulsify oils. Massage well into skin, then add Purify to face for a gentle exfoliating wash. Rinse, pat dry, and moisturize.

    While you may be prone to one type of skin, it’s common to fluctuate and experience subtle shifts. The key is to become aware of the language of your skin type and do work with holistic practices and natural skincare to return your complexion to a state of balance.


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