• Facial Cleansing Powders: What You Need to Know

    Did you know that finely ground herbs were the original face wash? Crushed rose petals, ground sandalwood, and the juice of berries, for example, were part of the daily cleansing rituals of days long ago. Plant powders and clays are highly effective at attracting dirt. To work with plants in a daily way whether through tea, medicine, or skincare has always been more than just a practice in hygiene or health. For many cultures it was a way to connect with the sacred.

    This is one of the reasons we’ve created a line of cleanser masks, 100% plant powders that work as both a daily face wash and a weekly face mask. In addition to being a cleanser with two functions, cleansing powders won’t strip your skin of the essential facial oils that help you maintain a balanced complexion. If you’ve ever tried a foaming face wash or soap and had that ‘squeaky clean’ sensation, than you’ve experienced what it’s like to be depleted of your essential moisture.

    While all three cleanser/masks are beneficial for all skin types, our collection is geared to specific complexions to restore balance. Learn more about our cleanser/masks here and experience the origin of a well-rounded face wash.

    Brighten (Age Defense)
    Purify (Acne Control)
    Replenish (Gentle)

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