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More Than Just A Body Oil

Not all body oils are created equal. The skin, our largest organ, can absorb up to 60% of what it contacts. While many body oils contain petroleum and mineral oils which suffocate the skin, many ‘natural’ body oils are just a base oil with added fragrance.

Our organic body oils offer nutrient-rich moisture, elevate mood, and inspire daily ritual. Infused in several pounds of healing herbs, each body oil steeps for several weeks, is then pressed, harvested, and hand blended with spiritual aromatics for a mind altering body oil every single time.

Body Oil vs Lotion {learn why you should make the switch}

Inspired By Ayurveda
We embody a slow, time honored method of herbal tradition to maintain plant integrity, deliver fresh potency, and offer a nutrient rich body oil as a healthy alternative to lotions.

Beyond simply moisturizing skin, our quick absorbing body oils also:

Stimulate lymph 
Relax mind
Reduce aches and pains
Improve circulation
Pacify daily stress
Lubricate joints
Ease muscle tension
Detoxify tissues
Balance hormones
Elevate mood


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